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We will take care of your furry baby and give them all the necessary attention and loving care while you are away. Play time, and pampering in good company.

Our Profile

My name is Cecilia Polanco, I provide professional dog walking and Pet Sitting services in the Miami Dade County area where I have lived for 41 years.

My Husband and I own a school bus transportation business, having people’s Children under my care for many years helped me gain a vast experience at being responsible for others which proved instrumental in my ability to provide Loving care to my furry clients.

When I left Corporate America back in 1995, I seriously considered getting a job to apply my Psychology studies and the knowledge I acquired during my college years to help people, but my Love and Passion for animals led me to learn and get more and more involved with furry creatures.

If you are unable to be with your pet due to work related responsibilities or while on vacation, you can count on us to provide the Love and Attention your furry babies deserve.


Always provide Loving Care, lots of playtime and pampering while making their Safety our First Priority.

Our Experience

Two years prior to working in the Pet Sitting business I read books from Cesar Milan (My Favorite) and other authors, I spent hours on end watching his videos and the more I watched them the more I confirmed that caring for doggies, kitties and all feathered creatures is my great JOY and Life Mission.

In the past 10 years that I have been in the Pet Sitting business my four legged clients have become my greatest teachers.

They let me know when I’m out of balance, they teach me to live in the present and enjoy what life offers every precious minute regardless of the challenges I am facing, the warm loving welcome that I receive every time I see them, changes my whole perspective in life.

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